How to open a Food business

Hi Tony,

Thank you for being an oasis in a desert of Q-marks..

My name is Capt James and I am an Ex army officer, I want to start a Food business. My concept of a Food business is very unlike the ones you see, I am not in to opening Resturants, food processing units and the like.

My busienss model is the hub and spoke business model, where I will have one main Kitchen supporting 5 to 6 small Hawker style shops, I want to mainly deal in South/North/East/West Indian brakefast's and evening snacks.

This concept basically evolved from the present Hawker stalls we see in the market today, as you know they are frequented by many people, the main concern being hygine (This is where we come in - A Hawker stall chain with a key focus on Hygine)

I want to know if I can get permission to open a Hawker stall chain (there will be no cooking on the stalls) and we will follow all statutory requirments that are there.

Pl advise

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