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    When this started

    Hi Tony Sir,

    I want to Know about your self........

    When this started(Year).
    How many members are involved in this one.
    How you got this type of idea?
    can i know some full details of Dotnetspider.
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    I am glad you asked this. Let me tell you the story which I haven't told many others before.

    It was about 8 years ago (year 2003). I was living in a company guest house in Atlanta, USA along with 7 other guys. Most of them were consultants who were brought to USA by my employer and were in 'bench' (meaning they don't have an active job yet). While 2 or 3 of us go for job during the day, the bench guys spend their time watching movies and playing cards. Employed guys would join them after they get back from work. At that time I was running my first website with no revenue and little traffic. By seeing my interest to develop and run websites, one of our room mate told me about the story of his friends who started a technical website and receive thousands of visitors daily. We discussed about starting a similar website focusing on .NET technology which was just released at that time. After some discussions, we decided to develop it as a joint venture. Both of us agreed to write lot of articles before we develop and host the website.

    After several weeks, I found my buddy lost his interest and is not writing any articles at all. When I realized I won't be successful in bringing him to the website idea, I decided to go ahead and start the website on my own. I borrowed a lot of code from and launched on 06-Dec-2003.

    You can see the initial version of here:

    The initial version of had few .NET tutorials written by me along with some articles and a discussion forum. The .NET tutorials I wrote became popular pretty quickly. I still did not know I can monetize a website and so I was running it without any Ads.

    In few years, dotnetspider was recognized as one of the most popular .NET tutorial and article website in the world. At some point of time, it was featured in Microsoft .NET website as well.

    Until I started 4 years ago, dotnetspider continued to be my most popular website. Currently it ranks #2 among my websites in terms of revenue and traffic. I got the confidence to quit my well paid job in USA and return to India without a job because of only.

    Hope this answered your question!

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