After completing my masters with a university rank, I started my career as a software engineer with SRA Systems, Chennai. I was lucky to be hired through campus interviews. During the first few years of my career in Chennai, I always felt like a “fish out of the water”. My shift from the village life to the metro life was so hard to cope with.

At various stages of my 15 year long career as a software engineer and architect, I worked with companies and clients including Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Home Depot (Atlanta), Bank of America (Atlanta), Sage Stone (Grand Rapids, Michigan), Omnicell (Houston, Nashville) and so on.

I was lucky to have started a couple of blogs as early as the incorporation of Google and they were doing really well in terms of revenue, which gave me the confidence to quit my job and abandon my American permanent residence status. In 2011, I quit my primary career as a software architect and decided to continue my career as a professional blogger. The last few years were crucial in my life. I was going from knowing everybody to knowing nobody, from the world of soft feelings to the world of software, and from the world of men to the world of machines!!

And all these make me NOSTALGIC......

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Tony M John

I was born into a middle class family in a beautiful village called “Malayattoor” in the Kerala state of India.. With my parents, two sisters and a brother, growing up in Malayattoor was fun.  Read More

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