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It was a conscious decision I made to quit my cozy life in USA and return into the turbulent life in India. I moved from a place where the day can be predicted and planned. In America, every day was pretty much the same. Wake up, eat the serials and salads, drop kids in school, drive to office, work for a couple of hours, leave the office on the same time everyday no matter what happens, go for jogging and playing, eat and sleep. If you have a long drive to office, you will have exact same experience every single day. The weeks ends were meant for parties.

In India, every day is different. It’s hard to plan the day. No matter what plans you make in the morning, your day could be completely different. It’s a place where you have an unpredictable life and career, which is actually one of the things that make life not boring. I’m yet to learn how to make multiple appointments at the same time and hope to happen at least one of them. Every drive, even in the same route, is a different experience altogether. What you see today will be different from what you saw yesterday in the same route. Party life is considered as sort of a sin and is reserved only for celebrities.

As I said earlier, I returned to India to lead a relaxed life, doing what I consider as passion. I’m not sure if I achieved the first part of it but definitely I work according to my passion. Promoting businesses and websites online has been my long time passion and I enjoy doing it at its best now.

Being your own boss is a dream for many and I was no different. I have setup a home-office and I spend most part of my time here. However, as I work with a lot of clients recently, I have started going often to my office in Kakkand, Kochi.

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Tony M John

I was born into a middle class family in a beautiful village called “Malayattoor” in the Kerala state of India.. With my parents, two sisters and a brother, growing up in Malayattoor was fun.  Read More

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