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I started my blogs before any CMS systems like WordPress was released. So, I had to custom develop a website, which eventually evolved into a strong and solid CMS platform. Most of our popular websites like,,,, etc run on this custom developed platform. Some of the core features of this platforms described below make our websites unique and helps in building a strong community:

  1. »  Member profiles and dashboard
  2. »  Multiple levels of membership and roles
  3. »  Permission based content contribution system
  4. »  Distribute cash rewards for every piece of content contributed by members
  5. »  Conduct online contests, select winners and distribute prizes
  6. »  Content Management System
  7. »  Semi-automated monthly payments to contributors and winners
  8. »  Highly customisable Forums
  9. »  Configurable article submission system
  10. »  Job portal
  11. »  College/school/university/business directories
  12. »  Basic social media features
  13. »  AdSense revenue sharing system
  14. »  Infolinks revenue sharing system
I’m constantly developing new features in our custom CMS platform. Moreover, with my 2 decades of experience in search engine marketing, I have incorporated a lot of SEO aspects in our platform, which makes our websites very SEO friendly and ranks very well in all major search engines. No wonder, some of our websites receive nearly 5 million page views per month. I’m offering the same quality SEO services to my clients as well. If you like to hire me for SEO services or Digital Marketing, call my office at +91 9495559690. If you are looking for a custom developed website using our CMS system, please send your detailed requirements to me at

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